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Women in Information Technology: Start Your Career in ICT with WeTrainICT

This Women’s month we would like to share our passion for empowering women in Information Technology and unpack the variety of career opportunities that open up for women in information technology after studying at WeTrainICT – Powered by On The Ball College.

Ever since the emergence of the information technology industry, there has been an assumption that IT is a “boys only” game. Over time, stereotypes such as these have been breaking away as a result of the gradual influx of women in information technology. This growth in numbers proves that there is a place for everyone, including and especially, women in Information Technology. 

We admit that it will take hard work and dedication, but in the long run, the flexible lifestyle, great earning potential and broad spectrum of career options you will be exposed to through qualifying as a woman in information technology, is worth the effort. 

Technology is growing, and it’s growing at a fast pace, and you shouldn’t be putting any restrictions on yourselves. My advice to young women is to go and grab any sort of technology they find fascinating and take it further because there is so much out there.” – Kim Palmer, Founder of On The Ball College and Sub-Brand, WeTrainICT.

Maintaining a work/life balance is fundamental to a happy life. Now, as we enter the “new way of working”, many women are beginning to realise the benefits of setting up a home office. One of the most favourable benefits of being a woman in information technology is that you can be career-driven while still having the capacity to be a fully supportive mother and homemaker. This provides women with the opportunity to re-evaluate their career options.

Founder of On The Ball College and Sub-Brand WeTrainICT, Kim Palmer tells us about her journey in ICT and being a woman in Information Technology

“I am focused on building up, empowering, creating opportunities and changing the lives of all South Africans with a strong focus on women of all ages through my work in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector.”

I believe the solution to promoting inclusivity in the local tech sector lies in encouraging and supporting women to pursue careers in IT. This is why I started the yearly Women in ICT Seminar which has been running since August 2017.This seminar has a strong focus on the future and the unlimited possibilities for women in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) field. This community is sure to empower, enrich, and engage women. It offers opportunities in ICT careers, mentorship and guidance. A network where women can grow! 

My biggest challenge has been to be heard and listened too. I choose to do and show the results through my work, and in that way, people are forced to listen. My biggest strength has been my faith and my ability to persevere, even when I’m standing alone as a sole shareholder in a fast-growing business. On my toughest days, my faith carries me through,” said Kim.

As a certified online tech academy, WeTrainICT, powered by On The Ball College is 100% women-owned and we encourage you to explore different career opportunities in information and communications technology.

Women in Information Technology: Career Opportunities

Whether you are a stay at home mom or simply wanting to start a career in Information and Communications Technology; the first step is to let go of the notion that tech is a men’s only job. To get started let go of fear and take the leap into starting a career in online tech! 

For me, technology was never the goal but rather a means to create, generate, and make a difference that contributes to progress” explains Hila Mazinter, who has extensive experience in Enterprise Software for multiple organizations. 

Here are a few options to explore as career women in information technology:


Sound foreign? Don’t feel intimidated. A career opportunity as a systems administrator means that you will be responsible for protecting hardware and software from online threats. You will start with Technical Support and progress to System Support.

Our CompTIA Security+ course will empower and expose you to career opportunities which include Network Administrator, Security Consultant and Security Specialist. In these professions, you will be responsible for the cybersecurity role in your organisation.

* View our CompTIA Security+ course and pave your way to becoming a Systems Administrator


Project Management gives you the power to lead a team and guide them towards a set goal. This is one of the greatest options for women who want to further pursue IT as a career opportunity. These projects may vary from business to technical and in an ever-growing digital environment, the path to success within this career is even more rewarding.  

 * Take charge and start your career in Project Management on our online course.


In what was once a male-dominated industry, website creation is fast becoming a leading role for women in information technology and ICT careers of the future. Excel and broaden your knowledge in back-end programming, CSS3 – creating images for websites and learn to create aesthetically pleasing websites.

*Take a look at our Website Creator Course


As a woman, in today’s society, you are exposed to a world of endless possibilities. Do not let the fear of machinery and technology get the better of you. As part of our PC Technician course, we will introduce you to the building blocks and fundamentals of Troubleshooting and Maintenance. With platforms such as TeamViewer, you will be able to log onto computers remotely, making it easier for you to work from home.

* Get started with our PC Technician Course or Technical Support for a full qualification.


We are seeing an increase in demand for online or virtual assistants. Virtual Assistant is a career which allows you the freedom to work remotely with flexible hours. The work includes anything from booking flights for clients to content writing for emails. Our Office Administration Course will help start your journey to achieve this. The course will spruce up your skills in MS Excel and MS PowerPoint.

* View our Office Administration Course or End-User Computing for a full qualification. With technology right at our fingertips why not delve into the world of Information and Communication Technology?

WeTrainICT, powered by On the Ball College, is an accredited IT and computer training academy. The college was founded by Kim Palmer who featured in Mail and Guardian: Women Changing South Africa 2019 in STEMI
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