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The Journey to choosing IT. I, always enjoyed upgrading my computers as a youngster the passion grew where I wanted to achieve more knowledge as the technology started to change each day.

The reason why I Chose On The Ball College in 2015 is to study part-time with attending classes on the weekends that suited my personal family commitments at home. I felt very comfortable at OTBC which became my 2nd home.

I completed my Technical support course in 2015 current studies I’m busy with system support.

I’m current working at ITLAB.

My experience at OTBC was amazing and still is, very supportive staff. The guidance I received for my career growth was the right guidelines that was giving .I never felt alone OTBC is very career driven.

Ciaran Ryan


I’ve been honing to grow in the field of IT. My journey in ICT has been filled with possibilities of integrated opportunities in uplifting my skills in learning new technology. Studying at OTBC was a great opportunity for me I have not only gained my certificate in Technical Support, I have gained experience as well. I chose to study Technical Support Level 4 because it is the entry level to provide users for technology products or services, and also to provide help regarding specific problems with a product or service.

I am currently working as an Intern at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academy Hospital. My experience at OTBC was the greatest I’ve got to meet new people, learn and the resources were provided by the school the facilitators were good teachers and very helpful.

Lebohang Mochologi


IT was not actually my first or second in terms of career paths. I originally wanted to be a chief or an architect. When it came down to making the decision all my subjects overlapped and I decided to take CAT which started my IT journey.

I choose OTBC after behind recommended to go to one its open days after not being able to secure my spot at another institution.

The courses I have studied are IT Technical Support / Oracle Java Fundamentals 8 and I am currently in the process of studying Comptia Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+). Currently working for Stowe Holdings.

All my experiences at OTBC have been enjoyable and never once did I regret studying here.

Nicholas Arendse


My journey to IT started actually when I was going to high school. I was always the one in my family tasked to fix the computers or install computer programs. In grade 10 I wanted to choose IT as a subject but unfortunately my school didn’t offer that so I had to settle for CAT for the time being. After school I first applied at CTI for a year just a certificate in programming the basic knowledge. After that year I applied at CPUT to further my studies and majored in Applications Development. As part of my in-service training I ended up at On The Ball College.

I chose to study at on the ball college as well because I saw it as an opportunity to get an extra certificate because the more I have behind my name the better. The courses that I studied were NQF Level 5 Software Development as well as Oracle OCA Diploma.
I am currently working at Paradigm Solutions/Payment 24 which is one company doing call support, I am working my way in to the development area.

My experience at On the ball was good, the staff is very friendly and helpful and are always ready to assist me when possible.

Matthew Pearce


I was inspired to do IT by my first lecturer when I completed an IC3 digital literacy course at the I Can Centre .IT is just the most challenging, and I love a different challenge, it alleviates me every day.

I completed more admin related courses and then started to look for work by leaving my CV at the I Can Centre as well. Where my lecturer send it without my knowledge to OTBC. I did not however choose OTBC but received a call from them and knew all my dreams is coming true to learn more in IT and the fact that they stood for women empowerment made me even more grateful for this opportunity .

I was accepted to do System Support Level 5 at OTBC .I completed my internship at Paradigm Solutions where I am still employed as a technical support agent that also includes being challenged every day. My experience at OTBC was vital in the sense that you leave there every day feeling proud of yourself for expanding your education to the fullest. A life changing event in my life that inspired me reaches for the moon.

Zaidah Douglas


In 2019, I embarked on a mission to empower the youth of South Africa, recognizing their vulnerability between the ages of 15-24, with a staggering 55.2% youth unemployment rate in the first quarter of that year (Stats SA).

Lukhanyo pursued his high school education while simultaneously completing a National Certificate in System Development NQF: 4 accredited by MICT SETA. His path was filled with challenges, including the transition to online learning and the hurdles of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But what sets Lukhanyo apart is his unwavering determination. He not only completed high school (Grade 10-12) but also seized the opportunity to do internship work, initiating change in his own life. In 2022, he embarked on an internship full time at Aspire Solutions, fresh out of high school, and today, he's a permanent and thriving member of their team as a Junior Project developer.

Lukhanyo Sonyamba


Cape Town Student Testimonials

My journey on choosing IT has been amazing hence I got to know a lot of things in the IT world that I did not know about. 

After being on their learnership at OTBC with Sintrex, gratefully I was chosen to be a part of their internship programme as well.

My experience at OTBC has been really amazing and the teachers were so helpful and communicating well with students.  

My advice to the youth that wants to pursue a career in the IT/ICT industry, is that they should go for it. The IT industry is filled with opportunities as well as job opportunities as they are always in high demand because of the technology growth.

OTBC is a great college, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to study IT, it has many resource tools and teachings. They help students to be place in certain companies if one has completed their course. 

Athini Tafile

I played games 24/7 and my mother just said one day why don’t you go and study IT. The rest is history.

I was told that OTBC offers IT and meeting with Theo convinced me that OTBC would be the place where I further my education.

I chose to study Technical support and will follow it up with system support next semester.
I’ve only recently applied at a few companies so no word yet. Currently unemployed.
My experience was a pleasant one.

My advice would be there are many opportunities in the IT field and they will not struggle to find a job.
OTBC offers many fields and I’m not done with the college, I want to finish as much courses as I can to ensure a bright future.

Marcus Pfeiffer

My name is Kurt John Lingeveldt, I am currently employed at Health System Trust based at Northdale clinic in Pietermaritzburg as a Clinic Support Officer, and my job entails registering new and current clients on an internet based system, and retrieving and filing of files. I was looking for a new challenge, to challenge myself in order to be a better individual and it increase my abilities and skills at work.

I chose OTBC because they offered the course I was interested in and also had facilities that were suitable for me. I am currently studying Office administration.

My experience studying via On The Ball College was a pleasant and unique experience. I would advise the youth to dive into the field of IT, as IT is a part of every industry. OTBC offers long distance learning and the needed support to complete your course and is an affordable means of study

Kurt John Lingeveldt

The career path I chose is Technical support.

I chose to study at OTBC because, unlike the other college institutes, at OTBC there are few students in the classroom and you get the proper help you need. The staff members are friendly and are great to work with. The courses I chose to study is Technical Support and System Support. I am currently not working.

My experience at OTBC is great, the staff members are friendly yet professional. I've been at OTBC for 2 years, my course ends in March 2021 and I've really had a great experience at OTBC.

My advice for the youth taking up IT as a career, I'd say go for it, but if you're lazy don't go for it because it's not easy, you have to be a hard worker. At OTBC you'll have the best experience studying because all the content is explained thoroughly.

Best advice to you is apply at OTBC, you won't regret it.

Miché Andrews

Hi there.

I am Mkhuseli Blom former OTBC student. I had a great journey working with OTBC, I did not know anything about IT but the knowledge I received made me want to pursue more in the IT field.

My first year at OTBC I studied IT-Technical Support NQF level 4 then graduated now I'm about to graduate on System Development NQF level 5. Yes, I must say it was great journey working with the lectures. We learned so much from them now I'm studying at UWC doing a program called Future Innovation Program we are building a mobile App.
My advice for people who want to study at OTBC is go for it there are so many opportunities there its added knowledge with guaranteed growth. 

Mkhuseli Blom

Johannesburg Student Testimonials

The reason why I choose on the ball college because when I check online OTBC is the best institution when it’s come the Information Technology I was give opportunity to learn more on theory and practical on my journey the time I was Technical Support, and I was happy the time when we write International exam.

OTBC is the best environment institution its welcome any one, and I can recommend anyone to study at OTBC.

I choose to study Technical support and I’m also interested in support system because its will give me more knowledge on Information Technology.
I can advise youth of RSA to study IT because the things are changing everyday but if you have background of IT is going to easier to get job opportunity.
OTBC is the best college with knowledge and experience.

Ntlhari Doswell Hlungwani

My name is Tinyiko Chauke. I chose to do Information Technology because it will allow me to take my career in different direction. One thing I like is that you don’t do theoretical part only but you also do practical, and with that I can change and implement what I have learned. Sometimes is better to see what you’ve learning by actually doing it.

My time at On The Ball College was great. The environment was so friendly and our Facilitator they were very welcoming and always landing a helping hands whenever we needed help.I learned a lot in that college .

I did my Technical Support and System Development Course and I learned a lot because at first I thought IT is all about fixing computers but there’s more to it. And I think this courses will open more opportunities for me and to also help me to become what I want to be in life.

I am not working yet but after completing the courses I attended 3 interviews. I had a great time though and I will advice South African youth to register at OTBC and do their IT courses and they will never regret it because it is a friendly environment and the staff are very friendly and welcoming.

I am thankful for OTBC for giving an opportunity to be part of them.

Tinyiko Chauke

I meet one of my friends an tell me a lot about IT. It was interesting, So i apply at OTBC to study System development NQF Level 4. It was for the first time doing IT and i was struggling first few months after that months i was starting to enjoying the course.

It was good to study at OTBC because the give their Student everything they need, monthly stipend for transport and lunchbox. The have good teachers, they provide our with Laptops to do your school work.

Odirile Lincoln Mothobi 

I was always fascinated about computers since primary so studying IT was the best decision ever.

I started studying System Administrator in bloemfontein so when i saw an opportunity to study System development i said why not. It will add more qualifications to my name and gain more skills.

System Development 


My experience at OTBC was good made new friends

Just go for it and never pay attention to what people are saying, because they will always have something to say.

Great stuff and great experience. At OTBC they care about they students more than anything.

Pulane Tladi

Business Analysis Testimonials

I am writing this testimonial based on my experience studying Business Analysis NQF 6 via an online portal which is Learn2Boom. A few years ago I joined an Information Technology streams and majored with Business Analysis and Information Systems in Business application which was a National Diploma. Then a month ago I saw an opportunity were OTBC offered a learnership that specifically focuses on Business Analysis. Since in the IT industry International certification is very much important then I applied.

In this current world and changes that happen almost every day and a background influence of Computer Applications and Technology in High school, which gave me so much interest in the field as I also loved being up to date with technology. IT is a very challenging field because it is changing every day and to that I must always be up to date.

OTBC accelerated of program of training of training Business Analysis NQF 6 and having background knowledge on Business Analysis I applied instantly. BA is a very interesting role because you have to focus on all aspects of the business and yet challenging as well. The challenges mostly affect the BA because almost every operation that happens in an organization the BA is involved.

With the pandemic that is affecting our world, everyone was forced to change and be virtual to avoid the virus that is still affecting us every day. So in that the online system have helped a lot of people that to doing their needs without physically accessing that particular area. I took the online learning as an advantage because it helps a lot to have all the knowledge of being able to adapt to very situation and have a privilege to access the learn2boom system is very much interesting to me. My experience on the learn2boom enhanced my knowledge as to that everything can be done online because I am able to download and submit documents online, attend virtual classes and also do digital signature.

Athayanda Tuntulwana

Business Analysis NQF6

I am Kamvaletu Zitwana. I am currently studying On The Ball College doing Business Analysis NQF 6. I fell in love with IT back when I was in high school but back then there where know clear information paths you can follow once you do information. In 2016 I started studying at Vaal University of Technology were I started with foundation phase (Boot Camp) for the hole year of 2016. In 2017 I was enrolled in to mainstream where I was introduced to IT related staff. It was in 2018 were I was first introduced in Business Analysis. Since then I knew that it is the path I wanted to follow in the IT field.

The feeling of getting to be involved in the developing and communication part between the stake holders or users of the system or people involved in the business all the way to dealing with the system developers is the most interesting part about being a BA. Having a little knowledge about BA I knew I want to learn more about it and I saw a learnership post on a friend on Facebook that was On The Ball College. I decided to check it out and to my finding the OTBC was one of the leading IT related institutions for training and I applied. I got accepted and now am doing the online cause on the comfort of my home because I joined the intuition that is highly advanced in technology and I am enjoying as everything that is done, it shares more light about the industry and BA as a hole.

I am very thankful to OBTC for the opportunity and I have found what am looking for to move my career forward.

Kamvaletu Zitwana

Business Analysis NQF 6

My Name is Meagan-Leigh Adams. I am currently studying Business Analysis at OTBC. IT was not my first choice but I enjoyed CAT as a subject in High School especially when we had to create a web page that was my favourite part and I always got full marks for it.

Studying IT has not been easy but I have learned a lot while I was studying at OTBC. I am grateful to be part of OTBC for the third time. My first and second year at OTBC was a blessing. I have grown so much that I was able to put what I have learnt to good use and that has made me a stronger woman today. Doing Business Analysis will only make me an even stronger female in the IT world.

Studying online is something different. You are in the comfort of your own home. The challenging part is you do not have the feeling of being in a classroom. Where you are able to help each other and learn from one another. It is difficult not having all the resources you would normally get at college but we have to adapt in order to succeed in life.

Meagan-Leigh Adams

Business Analysis

I’m studying Business Analysis at On The Ball College.
I first heard about OTBC in 2018 when I was looking for a tertiary institution after I matriculated. Back then, I didn’t have any knowledge about IT or computers, I only knew how to use the internet, “Google” to be specific. Yet I was willing to learn and make use of the opportunity I was given. As expected, all my other classmates seemed well informed and surprisingly good at it, except for me hence I made a decision to ask for help from a friend I made who started the same day as me only to find out she didn’t know much about IT too but she was at least familiar with computers and windows unlike me so together we helped each other where we can and asked for help from the other students or the teacher where we required more assistance.

Fortunately for me, our lecture, MR Wesley Solomon was patient enough that I never felt stupid for not knowing enough thus studying Systems Support didn’t seem so hard after all. I wasn’t an easy student to work with I admit, but the college didn’t give up on me and for that I’ll forever be thankful. The distance between my location in Fish Hoek and the college in Observatory, the trains, which were the most affordable means of transport were most likely to be unreliable, those were some of the challenges but I would trade anything for that experience just so we can stop learning online and get back to having classes.

Thandazile Vakele

Business Analysis NQF6