Wilbur Grimsel
NQF Level 5 System Support 2016

I’ve been involved with OTBC for the last 3 years and I personally am quite impressed. Every year OTBC has evolved into a fantastic institution. They provide all the necessary equipment needed to succeed and I even joined the team as an Intern for experience. OTBC is like family and family never gets left behind. Thank you for continuously providing all of us learners opportunities to better our lives with IT.


Hwayita Yiwana
NQF Level 5 System Development with Oracle OCA Certified – 2016

I had a very good experience at On The Ball College. The staff was friendly and welcoming and immediately felt at home. I not only received my OCA certificates but also learnt a lot of other things. On The Ball College took a chance on me when no one else did and for that I am very thankful. Now I am working and it is all thanks to the college.


Jesse Stuurman
NQF Level 5 System Development with Oracle OCA Certified – 2016

My time at On The Ball College was great. I learned a lot in a safe and comfortable environment which made my time at the college even more enjoyable. The facilitators were always willing to help and they were very friendly, hence made me feel comfortable to ask questions at anytime.


Odwa Mapongwana
Graduate 2013

She made a big impact in my life as she helped me to get the job that I’m currently in. She assisted with interview questions and how to conduct myself in an interview.

The college has satisfied my needs and would like to further my academic achievements and the college has lived up to their promises.

I would recommend OTBC to other people as it is a good college where you get assisted in many ways in terms of fees & the course itself.


Graduate 2010

Praises and glory to God for carrying me thus far and sending On The Ball College my way and I can truly say that the company’s slogan is true –

– For if it worked for me and for how many others, it can and will also work for many more –


Stefan Philander
Graduate 2013

I am currently working at UCT thanks to Kim at On The Ball College.
1. Has the college satisfied your needs as an individual wanting to further your academic achievements ?
Yes, I plan to come back to OTBC for my third year.

2. Has the college lived up to its promise ?

Yes, they have expanded my mind to see new things

3. Would you recommend other people/students to attend OTBC?

Yes, I had a great experience with OTBC. I met new friends which I am still in contact with.


Precious Thoko Dube
Graduate 2013

I therefore decided to further my studies at OTBC in which I enrolled for an End User course. This year I am completing my diploma of End User.

Thank you very much to the OTBC principal Kim Palmer for giving me an opportunity for an internship at OTBC.

I have introduced my friends and colleagues to study at OTBC; I will not stop encouraging people to study at OTBC.


Candice Oliver

Independency, I was taught to accomplish milestones. This is an approach I then used and felt that it worked for me in small segments at a time. Seeing this approach worked for me really motivated me to continue with this

After discovering how much Kim Palmer has achieved at such a young age. It’s amazing to see how much one can achieve with dedication, hard work and perseverance.

We all strive for success, a good way to achieve success is through a solid education coupled with goals, of which I am currently doing and will continue to do.
I feel I have learnt as well as benefited academically from OTBC.