Terms and Conditions

Standard Promotional Terms and Conditions


The terms contained in this document (Standard Promotional Terms) apply to all promotional offers available through our platforms (each a promotion) and, together with any applicable specific promotional terms, which may also refer to as “Key Terms”, set out on the individual web landing page for the relevant Promotion. Our Terms and Conditions form a legal agreement between you and us and can only be amended with our consent. By participating in any Promotions, you are indicating you accept and agree to be bound by these terms and rules.

You should check these Standard Promotional Terms and any applicable specific Promotional Terms before participating in any Promotion.

In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between these Standard Promotional Terms, any applicable Specific Promotional Terms, the Specific Promotional Terms shall prevail, followed by these standard Promotional Terms, but only to the extent necessary to resolve such conflict or inconsistency.

You can print a copy of these Standard Promotional Terms by selecting the print option from the “File” menu of your browser.

Your use of each platform itself and of any services available through that platform are subject to the Standard Terms and Conditions Promotional rules.

Promotions and Promotion Periods

We may, from time to time, run Promotions and these may take form of bonus offers (Whether real-money bonuses or some other form of incentive), prize draws, competitions, social media campaigns or other form of Promotion, or a combination of any of these. The particular form of Promotion will be described, and full details set out, in the communications (such as e-mails, computer pop-ups, newsletters or social media ads) We issue to tell you about each promotion (Promotion Communication) and/or on the individual web landing page for the relevant Promotion.

For the purpose of all Promotions, the promoter is the entity you have contracted with under the Terms and Conditions of Use (“We”, “Us” and “Our”).

The Period of time during which each Promotion will run (Promotion Period) will be specified in the applicable specific Promotional Terms. Each promotion will automatically close at the end of the relevant promotion period, at which point no further participation in that promotion will be possible. Where no promotion period is specified the relevant promotion will end when it is discontinued on the platform.

Promotion Communications

3.1 Unless otherwise indicated in the Promotion Communication, participation in each Promotion is open to players from any of our platforms but is limited to one entry per person, family, household, address or organization to whom we send the Promotion Communication. We reserve the right to restrict participation in certain promotions to players who fulfil specific selection criteria. Where a promotion communication permits multiple participants, we reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to limit the number of participants.

Unless otherwise indicated in the promotion communication, it is intended for the addressed recipient or category of recipient only and cannot be transferred. If you are not the intended recipient or within the intended category of recipient then the offer is null and void.

Eligibility to participate in Promotions.

To be eligible to participate in any Promotion, you must:

  • Be 18yrs of age or older and have the necessary legal capacity to agree to Our Terms and Conditions of Use
  • Be legally entitled to use Our services in accordance with Our Terms and Conditions of Use
  • If the promotion is specifically intended for players who are residents of and/or located in a particular country as stated in the applicable specific promotional Terms, be a resident of and/or located in that country.
  • Applicable Specific Promotional Terms indicate that a successfully completed registration process is fulfilled.
  • Not be an unauthorized person.

A qualifying Player

To be eligible to participate in any promotion which is stated to be intended for new participants or which is described as a “new sign up” or “lead” you must not have had entered our previous promotion or competition. Such promotions/competitions may not be used in conjunction with any other promotion.

The identity of each participant in a Promotion will be determined from all or any combination of the following: name, address, email address, credit, charge, payment plan and other forms of the Identification which may be required. We reserve the right to request further information from you if you wish to participate in certain promotions.

Participation in Promotions

You should follow the instructions set out in the relevant Promotion Communication, on the individual web landing page for that Promotion and where appropriate, the applicable Specific Promotional Terms. Where the Promotion Communication or landing page indicates by sending an email to the address there specified.

Unless otherwise indicated in the applicable Specific Promotional Terms, entry into each Promotion may be used only once.

Excluded and disqualified participants

Officers, directors, employees, consultants or Partners, parent or associated companied, or any of its or their respective suppliers or vendors (including advertising, printing and publicity agencies) or any officers, directors, employees, consultants or agents of any entity connected with any Promotion, or relatives of any of the foregoing persons. “Relative” shall include, but not be limited to, a spouse, partner, child or sibling and any person residing in the same household of any of the foregoing persons.

Residents outside of the Western Cape Province, will be classified as an unauthorized person, which in turn will imply that you are not permitted to participate in any promotion.

If a non-qualifying participant participates in any promotion, we reserve the right, without prejudice to any other rights under the rules, to seek the return of any bonus, payment, award or other prize, including from that players account.

We reserve the right at our sole discretion, to disqualify any participant who cheats or who tamper or attempts to tamper with the entry process for, or during the operation of ,any promotion, or whose conduct is in breach of the rules, contrary to the spirit of the rules or the intention of the relevant promotion, or which conduct may be considers as bringing any of Our or their respective brands into disrepute.

Qualifying Deposits

Unless the applicable Specific Promotional Terms indicate that a “No upfront payment necessary” participation in any course promotion is subject to you paying the non-refundable registration fee of R1000. 00 to secure your position or purchase.

Payment Plan for Course

8.1 Unless a course is won through a prize give away or successful competition via our platforms, once registration process is fulfilled, the participant is offered a payment plan unless the course is not paid upfront in full.

8.2 Payment must be made by the 30th/31st of each month unless prior arrangements have been made in writing.

8.3 If any issues do occur regarding making payment, all quires need to be made by the 20th of the month, either via the e-mail provided to you telephonically or by digital. Only once we are notified about your enquiry and once approved will you then will your class commence.

8.4 Interest in the amount of 2% per month, as provided for in the National Credit Act 34 of 2005, will be charged on late payments, if no arrangements have been made as stipulated in 8.3.

8.5 If payment is not made as approved, interest will be added to the amount due to Us as stipulated in 8.4.


Qualifying participants who win a prize as the result of any promotion consisting of a draw, competition or contest via any of our platforms must accept the relevant prize “as is” and there is no right to a cash alternative unless we, in our sole discretion, elect to offer such a cash alternative (which may be less than the full value of the prize) We reserve the right, at any time to substitute any prize with one or more prizes (other than a cash alternative) of substantially equivalent value. We may do this, in particular if it is impractical or unduly costly to deliver a particular Prize to the winner’s geographical location and/or residential address.

Prizes will be drawn at random, unless the promotion, competition, or contest stipulates otherwise, via competition communications on our platforms. No favoritism will be shown in terms of gender, age, geographic location, time (unless stipulated otherwise) or prior knowledge of the identity of the participant in any type of way as stipulated in the Specific Promotional Terms and Conditions.

Unless Promotional Communication stipulates otherwise, all prizes will be drawn by the time or within the timeframe specified in the applicable Specific Promotional Terms. All cash prizes will be paid straight into the winners’ designated account. Where we arrange for a non-cash prize to be delivered to you, the delivery may need to be signed for, but in all cases, we reserve the right to require that all non-cash prizes are to be collected at out office.

If you are participating in our competitions, promotions, draws or contests and you are unable for any reason whatsoever, or choose to not progress to the next round after qualifying to do so, you will forfeit your place and will not be eligible to receive any Prize to be awarded for the next or any subsequent round or stage or final prize. Any entitlement to receive a prize as a result of your participation in our competitions, promotions, draws or contest are non-transferable to another juristic or legal person.

The winner of a lucky draw, competition or promotional give away, unless stipulated in promotional communication, is solely responsible for payment of any applicable tax in relation to the relevant prize and for any costs associated with the prize or its use, such associated costs include, but are not limited to, if the prize consists of a motor vehicle, in relation to vehicle registration, motor insurance and driving license or, if the prize consist of foreign travel, in relation to passport, visa and travel insurance requirements or, in relation to prizes that are location-specific, the costs of travel to and from the relevant location (unless the prize stipulates that it includes travel costs or consists of a flight, train journey or sea voyage, in which case the winner is responsible for travel to and from the point of embarkation).

Prize Draws

In respect of any prize draw, Winners will be drawn at random from all entries correctly submitted (the details of the process used are set out below). Provided all participants are qualifying participants, no favoritism will be shown in terms of gender, age, geographical location, or relative relations in any way.

The draw process is as follows:

  • Each entry must be validly submitted using the entry requirements given via the platform used, which will be indicated in the advertised communication.
  • If entry involves postings and #hashtags, the draw will be done at random unless stipulated otherwise in the advertised communications.
  • The draw will only take place once all entries have been selected. We reserve the right to extend entry deadlines or have more than 1 winner, unless stipulated otherwise.

Publicity and intellectual property

By participating in any of Our promotions, contests, competitions, draws or lucky giveaways, where you win prizes, you agree to co-operate in all advertising, marketing and publicity material and activities that we may at our expense, produce or arrange, you also agree if requested, to wear branded clothing or attire that We may provide or if in some cases you may win, and sign a Media waiver to release Us and allow Us, without any compensation being payable to use your name, photograph, likeness, audio recording, visual recording or broadcasts for such promotional purposes in any media, throughout our company.

Where you participate in any event which We host or co-host or arrange in connection with the promotion, you agree not to make use of any third-party branding or advertising for any organization which We consider to be Our competitor, including without limitation any branding or advertising for any other IT company and you agree not to conduct yourself in a manner that might, in our reasonable opinion, bring Us, any of our affiliates, sponsors, partners and their respective brands into disrepute. In the event of any breach if this requirement, We reserve the right not to award a prize or to seek the return of any prize awarded.

You agree that once you become a participant in our promotions, competitions or draws, any sort of submission or entry requirement, you warrant that the relevant material used is all your own and will not infringe on the intellectual property rights of other rights of any person.

Our liability

12.1 If any promotion, competition or draw cannot be executed as planned, including due to any technical problems or circumstances beyond our control, we shall incur no liability and no payment or non-cash prizes will be awarded.

Alteration and termination of promotional communications

We reserve the right to alter, discontinue or terminate any advertised promotion, or any aspect of it, at any time, with or without notice, for any reason whatsoever, including without limitation if there has been any printing, production, distribution or other error in any promotion communication or on the platforms, where there has been any error in the preparation for or conduct of any promotion affecting the result of the promotion or the number of participants or the value of claims.

The rules or promotional communication can only be modified by Us at any time.


We advise that you read and visit these Terms and Conditions regularly.

If any part of these Terms and Conditions is found to be unenforceable as a matter of law, all other parts of these terms and conditions shall be unaffected and shall remain in force.

Any dispute or situation not covered by the Terms and Conditions will be resolved by our Management team in a manner that deems to be the fairest to all concerned.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us on 021 447 0979.