Digital Literacy & Computer Skills

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Writing A Business Report

Simply stated, a business report conveys information to assist in decision making. Some reports might present a solution to solve a business problem; other reports might record historical information that will be useful to assist in future decision making.
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Skills Programme Courses Research


When researching a topic it is important to understand how to perform your unique research operation.
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Conduct Team Meeting

In order for a group to function effectively, participants must be working toward accomplishing a common goal. Meetings allow participants to define goals as a group, which helps them agree on the terms of the goals, such as how and when they’ll be accomplished.
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IT Qualifications System Development


Suite of products developed by Microsoft Corporation that includes Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Each programme serves a different purpose and is compatible with other programmes included in the package.
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Skills Programme Courses CompTIA


CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF) is an introduction to basic IT knowledge and skills that helps professionals decide if a career in IT is right for them. It also helps organizations prepare non-technical teams for digital transformation. Career Opportunities Sales Associate Account Manager Marketing Specialist Customer Support Curriculum Install software Establish basic network connectivity Identify/prevent basic security risks Explain troubleshooting…
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IT Qualifications Microsoft Courses


With a focus on younger demographics, the IC3 Spark certification addresses the same foundational concepts as its precursor – the IC3 Digital Literacy Certification. While both certifications target issues arising from the increasing demands of technology, IC3 Spark is created for younger children who may be new to computers and the Internet, or who lack…
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