Computer Skills

IT Qualifications Microsoft Courses

Microsoft Office

Basic/Intermediate/Advanced Microsoft Office Basic with credits MS Office is a suite of products that includes MS Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, PowerPoint, and Outlook. This course teaches the entry-level skills for most office work including the ability to open, create, save and modify documents in Word, send and receive an email in Outlook,  create spreadsheets in Excel and…
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IT Qualifications Office Administration

Office Administration

This qualification prepares the qualified learner for researching and creating content using MS Powerpoint and MS Excel. Career Opportunities Administrator Office Management Curriculum and Credits Basic Information Communication Technology – 3 credits MS Word Basic – 5 credits MS Excel – 4 credits PowerPoint Basic – 5 credits Internet – 4 credits Email – 7 credits…
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Project Management

Learners accessing this standard will be involved in project management teams or involved in building small project management teams. These projects may be technical projects, business projects or developmental projects and will cut across a range of economic sectors. Career Opportunities Project Management Curriculum Demonstrating an understanding of project management tools. Using a range of project management…
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