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ICT Careers of The Future – Information and Communication Technologies

By taking into consideration the ICT careers of the future we equip you to future-proof your career when we develop our ICT courses curriculum at WeTrainICT, powered by On The Ball College. Our goal as a college is to enable you to confidently launch a career in Information and communication technology when you graduate.

ICT careers of the future may look similar to the tech careers of today, however, technology is advancing so rapidly that it has become essential for people to continuously upskill. It is essential to keep a breadth of the changes in coding by regularly doing courses to keep up to date with the latest practices, platforms, and other tech transformations on the market. Even work sectors that aren’t high-tech require staff to upskill all the time.

According to The Startup, universities might one day offer alumni the possibility of life-long learning. This, of course, will be as a result of what we are already seeing today and what we will see in ICT careers of the future. The world of IT and ICT is continuously changing, and a workforce of people will be needed who upskill continuously along with the machines.

There are many things machines can’t and won’t be able to do, ever. These are the roles you need to be considering and the qualifications you need to aim for. We will need to have an intricate understanding of the technical aspects of the machines we control and manage. We will also need a deeper understanding of artificial intelligence and automation to succeed in ICT careers of the future.

ICT job roles in South Africa are unique in that they consist of tasks that require multiple skill sets and very few roles are “specialist” in nature.” according to BusinessTech. This means you need to diversify the courses you study and experience to get into careers that are in high demand in ICT as a South African.

WeTrainICT, powered by On The Ball College, takes a look at ICT careers of the future

Information and communication technology or ICT careers of the future may surprise you. Things we thought of as physical are now becoming virtual and the job roles of tomorrow may look a little strange at first. You want to prepare and be ready to work in the future job roles and the best way to do that is by starting with fundamental or NQF courses in IT and ICT and then progressing to more advance courses to specialise and have a deeper understanding of the virtual world we are racing into. This way you upskill continuously to keep up in this fast-moving industry.

Here are a few examples of the ICT careers of the future you could start considering as a career path when deciding on which ICT courses to pursue

1 Mobile App Developer

As the demand for innovative mobile applications supersedes our wildest expectations, so now does the demand for mobile app developers. This is one of the top ICT careers of the future as the “everything on mobile” trend will not be coming to an end, probably, ever.

App developers are computer software engineers whose primary responsibilities include creating, testing, and programming apps for Android, iOS and Microsoft mobile phones.

*Start with this ICT course in programming to pave your way to becoming a Mobile App Developer. (System Development NQF:4 or Java Fundamentals 8 (Systems Development NQF 5))

2 Computer vision engineer

The rise of technology brings us closer to things like “driving” flying cars, being driven in self-driving vehicles and farming vertically in smart buildings. The need for expertly skilled computer engineers with a future-orientated vision is on the increase.

A Computer Vision Engineer will work closely with and in the fields of AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality). These engineers build and improve upon computer vision and machine learning algorithms to detect, classify and track objects in the real world and enhance these for business, military, medical or pleasure purposes.

*Complete a course in Python to get this incredible ICT career of the future started.

3 Cyber Calamity Forecaster

Understanding cyber conditions is becoming increasingly important. Storing all data and information online is the new normal and we will need to become extremely vigilant and secure when it comes to protecting data, be it personal or business-related.

As a Cyber Calamity Forecaster, you will need to be able to predict and foresee any potential cyber threats to prepare for them as well as prevent them.

*Start this amazing, defensive future career with a course in Cybersecurity.

4 Computer Systems Analyst

Analysing data, systems and procedures has always been important but now with the enormous amounts of data available in the digital space, it is more important than ever to understand and interpret it to help businesses flourish. The same goes for computer systems and how efficiently they operate.

Computer Systems Analysts continuously analyse a business’ computer systems and procedures and reconfigures them where necessary to ensure they operate optimally.

*Launch your career as a Computer Systems Analyst with our Systems support/Business analyst course launching in August 2020.

5 Robotics

Robots, AI, automated systems and algorithms are the workforce of the future. However, there are many jobs these machines will never be able to do and so the job roles for people like us will evolve to positions where we work with and manage the machines. For humans and machines to work well together, there needs to be programming and integration of codes, platforms, hardware and training to facilitate this co-working. This is where robotics technical engineers, programmers and technicians come in. You and I are what will make the man-machine combination work.

In this ICT career of the future human designs, programming, updates and maintenance are essential and the demand for this type of automation in business and industry is growing exponentially.

*Our Introduction to Robotics course is launching in August 2020 and will guide you in the right direction towards a career in robotics.

The above-mentioned, as well as Data Scientists, Esports Arena Builders and Virtual Identity Defenders, are only some of the terms that will soon become all too familiar and many of these exist already. Let us help you gear up for your future and future-proof your career in ICT.

To become a part of the technologically savvy workforce you need to be trained in ICT and upskill continuously.

WeTrainICT and On The Ball College offer curriculums partnered with Oracle academy, Google, AWS educate, Microsoft, CompTIA and MICT SETA to ensure candidates are qualified both for local and international employment.

WeTrainICT, powered by On the Ball College, is an accredited IT and computer training academy.  The college was founded in 2006 in Cape Town by Kim Palmer.