Graduation at OTBC

Congratulations to all our graduates of 2014

This year we hosted two graduations.Unfortunately, not all learners were able to attend graduation, but the below pictures will give you insight into the night celebrations.

Graduates remember -”If you wish to move mountains tomorrow , start by lifting stones today.” African Proverb

We look forward to those studying further or assisting you with placements.

God Bless

Kim Palmer


Double Tree Hotel 

Class of 2013 

double-tree-hotel-class-of-2013-1 double-tree-hotel-class-of-2013-2

double-tree-hotel-class-of-2013-3 double-tree-hotel-class-of-2013-4

Two Oceans Aquarium

Class of 2014

The first year we host graduation in the same year as the learners complete.Well done to the OTBC staff for this milestone and well done to our graduates.

two-oceans-aquarium-class-of-2014-1 two-oceans-aquarium-class-of-2014-2
two-oceans-aquarium-class-of-2014-3 two-oceans-aquarium-class-of-2014-4

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