Frequently Asked Questions

They need to complete an enquiry or set up a meeting if they are unclear of what to apply for.

No you do not. We have courses that can give you an NQF:4 that is equivalent to a matric NQF.

Each NQF level is 10-12 months and our short courses range from 1 day to 3/6 months.

We host graduation once a year in November. We work on a 10-12 month graduation cycle.

Yes we do.

Yes we do through Student Hero. You have to have a permanent job and have a salary of R7000 in your household.

You may complete our database form and should something come available, we will be in contact.

We do make opportunities available for our students and graduates.

It depends on the qualification and this will be explained during the programme.

 This is given at graduation or after graduation. Certificates of competence is dependent on when received by MICT SETA.