Internships are one of the various ways OTBC offer young people a structured entry level position in their chosen profession or occupation. Our well-designed internship programme helps accelerate careers, develop professionalism, good work habits and provide employers with a source of excellent candidates for permanent positions in IT.

Our internship program comprises of the following:

  • It is managed by national and multi-national organisations.
  • Learners receive a stipend.
  • We at OTBC have a 90% retention rate with our internship programme.
  • Through the internship process, work experience is gained after completion of a qualification.
  • The duration can vary from 3, 6 or 12 months.
  • The practical work experience is related to the qualification obtained.
  • It is done under mentorship.

If the contracts end at the completion of the Internship, permanent employment can be offered depending on vacancy and acceptable performance.