OTBC is an accredited Training provider with MICT Seta® (Acc 2007/01/170), a Microsoft Silver Learning competency centre, an Oracle Partner and Certiport Centre. We are proud to be 100% women owned and 100% Black-owned with a Level 1 BEE rating. We have been offering services in the training and development sector for the past 10 years through IT learnerships and skills programmes with a 90% – 100% job placement in industry. We want to ensure that the youth unemployment rate is decreased. By offering market related education needed in industry, we can bridge this gap.

At On The Ball College, we believe in listening to the relevant needs of our cherished clients, and fulfilling those specific needs with customized services to achieve their immediate objectives, thereby saving them both valuable time and money. We believe that only in the gaining of knowledge, can any person or establishment grow and evolve into their true potential.


OTBC seeks to help develop South Africa into a knowledge-based society by encouraging more people to become educated and develop their skills as a means of contributing to economic growth.


Our mission is to help sustain individuals’ livelihood through training and linking future technology trends with our training programs. We want to expand OTBC and grow and sustain under-privileged communities in IT.


Transparency and honesty without overstepping personal boundaries of the other individual.
Building good workplace relationships.

Give recognition of work done via rewards and compliments.

Nurture and Care
Be Patient.
Be kind and humble.
Display your caring in an ongoing and consistent manner.

Be aware of an individual's different cultural, religious and personal beliefs and views.

Assist individuals in order to get the work completed.

Being responsible for the tasks you have been given.
Make a plan to get the work done.

We recognize that education and training is vital in developing skills needed for a productive society and essential in promoting a person’s sense of worth, values, and high ethical standards. At OTBC we focus on quality training programs with experienced facilitators who demystify any area of knowledge and make new skills easy to learn and master. In this way, we prepare learners to do meaningful work for themselves and the companies they represent.

As the late Nelson Mandela said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela 1918-2013

We follow a strict code of conduct to ensure that learners reach their full potential and have the right attitude for the job market.A work readiness programme is added into the curriculum to enhance and better prepare all learners to find employment after their studies. We believe in helping our clients gain success, our pride is within them.



To obey all rules, regulations, policies, disciplinary code of the college. Ensure deadlines and deliverables are completed to the best of your ability. Respect command of authority.



Be true to who you are, your strengths and what you are producing. Have the best interest of the clients, college, colleagues and command of authority at hand.



Have faith in your ability to be successful and be faithful to complete. Believe in the brand and help build the brand as you are the brand.



Transforming a promise, into reality. You made a promise to deliver to the best of your ability, don’t pretend or under deliver. Work as a team to deliver the business goals.

  • Our qualifications are recognized by MICT Seta.
  • We hope to add value to our clients with Microsoft recognized qualifications that’s needed within industry at present.
  • Our programs target skills that are needed in the industry and therefore job satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • We help our learners create opportunities through mentoring and coaching them how to use initiative in gaining experience in their relevant field of study to be employable.
  • All books, practical sessions and tools are included in the courses we offer.
  • We have our own facilitators, assessors and moderators, therefore our prices are competitive.
  • We have competent staff associated with us to deliver the Microsoft courseware.
  • We build relationships within the business industry to facilitate practical internships, hands-on learning experiences and job placements.
  • Our learning is theory and practical based. Learners get the opportunity to practice in a real life environment.
  • Learners can request one on one tutoring if needed.
  • Learners can study at the college if required.
  • Learners get free internet access at the college for research purposes.
  • Learners get individual attention, thus we keep to a maximum of 10 -20 learners in a class.
  • Learners get 3 opportunities to be deemed competent within the Seta curriculum.
  • People who have 2-5 years’ experience in an IT related field, but no formal qualification for it, can apply for RPL—Recognition of Prior Learning.
  • We can RPL Microsoft qualifications to SAQA recognized qualifications.
  • We have our own training infrastructure and equipment for our learners.
  • QMS (Quality management system)
  • Safe and caring environment.
  • Follow a code of conduct.