We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to bring out the best in our students



Kim Palmer

“OTBC was formed as a way for me to get experience in the IT field. When I started the business, I never thought that I would end up becoming an entrepreneur. I was a qualified 18 year old female trying to get work as a Computer Technician or Systems Administrator, but every door was closed due to my lack of work experience and/or my young age. Most companies were shocked that I had my qualification at that age. My thoughts were always: how will I get experience if no one was giving me a chance to gain experience. With 15 years of business experience,OTBC has grown so well that it has business partners with the following companies: Microsoft, Oracle, MictSeta and Certiport.

“I believe it is my strong Christian values and supportive structors like family and my business coach that has carried me through. I am really blessed to live my dream everyday and through hard work, perseverance and strong moral values I am where I am today.Through my own humble beginnings ,I made a conscious choice to one day give back to the community.”What you sow , you shall reap”. Knowing that OTBC is making a difference, changing SA and specifically adding employment to the youth in SA.

“My main focus at OTBC is to build relationships with other companies and organisations who share our vision and building a team that will speak to the values of OTBC.

Why study at OTBC? “Our environment is student friendly, safe and we have a caring attitude. We follow-up when students are late or not able to attend class, we create customized payment structures as well as customized mentoring sessions for students. The one thing I am very proud of is seeing learners in industry after their studies.For OTBC its about getting the learner employable.

My motto…”Obedience, Trust, Believe , Committed. (OTBC)



Ronald Lihaiwa

Who is Ronald Lihaiwa: “I am a very punctual, strict person when it comes to work but with a combination with being open and always allowing my staff to be honest. I believe in helping and guiding people. I am very goal-driven, but at the same time I enjoy life. I am a good communicator ,and I believe that comes from my good relationship with God.

My background: I have numerous qualifications in both business and IT. I am a Microsoft Certified Trainer, MICT & TETA Assessor and Moderator, IC3, ICDL, MCP I also have qualifications in Travel and Tourism. I have always been in Education and Training for the past decade.

Why OTBC: I believe there is still a lot of education to be done especially to our Youth ,they need to be mentored and informed that education is the key to their freedom.I know God has placed me in that position to be a catalyst for change. I believe there is huge potential for growth in OTBC ,and I would like to add my experience and knowledge at OTBC.

My motto: “fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, and I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10


Technical Team Leader

Agrippa Jebison

Who is Agrippa? “My name is derived from a lineage of Kings. I view myself as a jolly good guy who has a passion for engaging with people, especially the youth. I have numerous qualifications in IT and is still busy studying and see education as an important part in anyone’s life.

My job at OTBC: “I am a Facilitator as well as the Technical Support for the staff at OTBC.”

Why do you enjoy working at OTBC? “To impute my knowledge of IT and what I have learned as a Technical Support person during my 15 years in Industry. I love this job because it is my passion and if you do something out of passion you give more than just the obvious. I enjoy the fact that I am able to make a difference to the SA economy and OTBC is giving me the perfect platform to do that. I also enjoy that I can create new avenues of learning to students”

Why would you recommend someone to study at OTBC? The curriculum and environment is perfect for learning. The student is always treated as the customer and OTBC acknowledge that the student is also the product at the end of the day which speaks to our brand.”

My motto: “Be passionate about what you do, stay passionate about what you do”


Office Manager /PA to Director

Carol Gysman

Who is Carol? “I am a clean freak who enjoys being busy. I’m a proud mother and therefore I enjoy working at OTBC because I get to interact with students which keeps me on the ball as well”

Background: “I have 14 years of experience in the Banking sector and after being a Home Executive for several years enjoy being of service at OTBC.”

Why do you enjoy working at OTBC? “OTBC is like family, my colleagues, and the students we all work well together, just like a family we have our differences but as the saying goes “we do not go to bed angry at each other”

Why would you recommend someone studying at OTBC? “Because of the placement option, every student gets placed and the curriculum is customized and all rounded so OTBC ensures that a student walks out here employed.”

My motto: “Do unto others what you would like others to do unto you”



Caron-Lee Sassman

“I am a very bubbly, talkative and happy person. I’m very loyal and loving with a bit of a stubborn streak and I play the violin. That is why I applied to OTBC because I enjoy the environment, meeting different people and interacting with people on a daily basis.”

“I am the PA/Administrator at OTBC, and being the first line of contact with our clients is something I really enjoy.”

Why I would recommend someone to study @ OTBC? “The programs are really good and OTBC is all about helping people to excel and reaching out to the community and the youth of SA. IT is very important, in today’s global society.”

“I hope to establish a career in Child Psychology because I have a passion for young people”

My motto: “Happy go lucky…”


Office Administrator

Claudia Jacobs

Claudia is a former student of OTBC and due to her hard work and dedication she was approached to apply for employment at OTBC.

“I feel so privileged that OTBC saw my abilities and capabilities and that is why I would recommend anyone to study at OTBC because they don’t allow for drop-outs, there is assistance every step of the way and you get placed in a job after completion of a course. Although I am a very quiet person I enjoy being busy and therefore enjoy the working environment at OTBC, my colleagues are friendly and always willing to help and I am constantly learning new things which I enjoy very much.”

“I am the Office Administrator meaning I need to ensure the office runs perfectly every day, which speaks of the code of conduct of OTBC – Obedience, trust, believe and being committed.”

My motto: “Giving my best at all times…”


Project Manager

Lisah Mhembere

Who is Lisah: “I am a very focused and ambitious lady and I love working with people. I enjoy creating order in a chaotic environment and that is the reason why I love Project Management.”

Background: “I first studied in the direction of HR, and then started my journey in Project Management where I did my BTech and is currently doing my MTech in Project Management.”

Why do you enjoy working here: “I would recommend people studying at OTBC because I have seen the transformation and the end product, OTBC really change people’s lives.”

Why would you recommend someone studying at OTBC: “The  qualifications are current and relevant to industry  and it covers the  critical skills needed in South Africa. The qualification can also be used as a breach to further once career.”

My motta:  YOLO “You only live once….”



Precious Thaha

“I’m a Venda lady or was born and breed in the Limpopo Province. When I was doing research for employment, everything on the OTBC website I could relate to and I immediately knew that is where I wanted to be, which resulted in me relocating to the Western Cape. I am consistent, bubbly all over the place kind of person but with structure as I was always interested in IT from a young age. I am very goal orientated, value my faith and is a natural giver. That is why I am enjoying my job as Facilitator at OTBC because I can give back to the community what I know and also able to see the difference I am adding to someone’s life. I am passionate about IT and Education and OTBC fulfills those needs in my working environment.

Why would you recommend someone to study at OTBC? “The good combination of practical and theory that OTBC offers and ensuring that all students that complete a course is employable at the end of day which adds to the growth of the economy of SA.”

My motto: “God will not take you where you don’t want to be.”



Wesley Solomon

Who is Wesley? Wesley is an old-school IT guy who still believes in doing it the old school way that is “coding”. He comes from an era where the mouse did not exist and one had to use the keyboard for everything. He is a straight forward honest person and also very creative and sporty. He enjoys photo-editing, drawing and wrestling.

Education/Background: “I studied at CPUT did IT but didn’t start to work in the IT sector immediately. I worked in Corporate for a number of years and then I was approached by OTBC, and has not regretted it for a moment.”

What do you do @ OTBC? “I am a Facilitator as well as the Team Leader in the Training Department.”

Why do you enjoy working @ OTBC?  “I never thought I would be standing in front of a class of students and OTBC has created the perfect environment for me to do that. I enjoy teaching the students, sharing of knowledge and building relationships with the students. My colleagues are fun to work with and we all have respect for each other.”

Why would you recommend someone studying @ OTBC? “The values, OTBC’s values are aligned with mine and I can see what a positive impact it has on the students.”

My motto…… ”I ventured…..5 years ago I did not see myself standing in front of a class and wow….”


General Worker

Purity Makaza

Who is Purity: She is a mother of 3 beautiful children, 2 sons and a girl.

What do you do @ OTBC? I am a General worker. My responsibilities are to ensure that the environment is clean and conducive for the learning environment. I ensure that all classrooms have water ,sweets and that lunch and tea times are served timorously.

Why do you enjoy working @ OTBC? I enjoy working at OTBC because Kim and Carol is very understanding. At the beginning when I started here they helped me when I made mistakes, and they are very caring and supportive. The students are always very friendly towards me ,and they treat me with respect. That is why it is a joy to come to work every day.

Why would you recommend someone studying @ OTBC? The students are treated very well ,and they are always happy, and I always tell my family about On The Ball College.

My motto: “I love God very much and believe in the Power of Pray”



Noah Hute

Who is Noah?  “I was a teacher and grew up with very strong Christian values. I believe that everything I have achieved only happened by the Grace of God. My friends would describe me as very dedicated and hardworking”.

What do you do @ OTBC?”   I am a Facilitator and Assessor. My field of expertise is IT .I have been in the IT industry for more than 8 years. I enjoy IT because it is an ever-changing environment ,and one needs to be creative and innovative all the time. I enjoy that challenge.”

Why would you recommend someone studying @ OTBC? I became intrigued when I read the success story of Kim Palmer ,and it is such an honour to work with someone that has changed the face of IT in South Africa. Her success story, determination is my inspiration for working at OTBC.

My motto: “Welcome to IT, welcome to the world of thinking”



Lucy Tebogo Kgakgane

I am Lucy Tebogo Kgakgane. I met with On The Ball college through social development when I was finished with my Technical support Learnership. On The Ball took me as their intern and gave me the experience I needed. I know On The Ball College since 2015.

I am a young black women who is looking forward to the growth of the economy in the ICT field, and with On The Ball College I can do that ,and make Africa a better nation ,and change the life of others.


Project Assistant


Who is Matseliso: Is a kind, loving and passionate lady who enjoys assisting people. Enjoys working with young people as well as meeting new people. Is very sociable and enjoys challenges. She always works to achieve a positive outcome.

What do you do @ OTBC? I am a Project Assistant.I deal with student profiles and act as a liaison between the different departments.

Why do you enjoy working @ OTBC: I enjoy the friendliness and support from my colleagues.

Why would you recommend someone studying @ OTBC? Yes, because the employment industry is very competitive and OTBC offers relevant qualifications as well as assists learners to penetrate the industry.

My motto:  Work Hard


General Worker


Who is Florence: Is a friendly mother of three who is warm, friendly and very helpful to everyone. She is a motivated individual who strives her best in everything that she does.

What do you do @ OTBC? I am general cleaner, I am responsible in ensuring that the environments is clean and that all guests get refreshments.

Why do you enjoy working @ OTBC: My colleagues are warm , friendly and very supportive.

Would you recommend someone studying @ OTBC?  Yes, it is a college with an environment that is conducive to learning and growth.

My motto: I belong to Jesus




Who is William: I am a father who enjoys guiding young ones to become responsible people. I always thrive to be the best in what I do. I have been in the IT industry for almost 20 years with 8 years of them in IT training.

What do you do @ OTBC? An IT facilitator and Assessor for End User Computing, Technical Support and System Support

Why do you enjoy working @ OTBC:  At OTBC I do what I enjoy most; IT and Training.I enjoy working in a professional environment. As a trainer, I get satisfied when I make a difference in someone’s life, by empowering them with knowledge and skills.  OTBC has given me that opportunity.

Why would you recommend someone studying @ OTBC? OTBC training approach of a combination of both theory and practical ,which gives learners the chance to apply what they have been taught. This gives OTBC learners an edge over competitors for job placements.

My motto: Be the best in whatever you do!